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The Space Between

"You're a palsycorn, a unicorn is too general."

March 3rd, 2014


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So last night I was all "I need a palsycorn picture for my LJ avatar!" because I don't want to put a picture of my real face because this is supposed to be the place where I can at least pretend to be somewhat anonymous and it's not linked to all my other accounts and blogs and yadda yadda   Also I really wanted to have a picture of a palsycorn.

(Palsycorn [pawl-zee-corn]
A subspecies of unicorn born with cerebral palsy

And the wonderful epic incredible brightlotusmoon was all "I HAVE A FRIEND WHO CAN DO ZAT!" (insert nu!Trek Chekov joke here).  So within 24 hours the amazing Declan Quillin had made me a palsycorn picture that I am totally and completely in love with.  Here's the larger version:
[Image description:  A cartoon-style (like the ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) unicorn from the neck up on a green gradient background.  The pony has white fur, purple eyes, a green horn, and a long purple mane that's partially covering one eye.  The palsycorn is holding a silvery black cane in its mouth.]

Seriously, guys, this is SO FREAKING AWESOME.  I'm waiting for Jo to tell me if Declan has a DeviantArt or anything I can link to, because I want to send some LJ love his way.

ETA:  HE DOES!!!  http://declanquillin.deviantart.com/.  Go shower love and kindness upon him!
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Date:March 4th, 2014 05:13 am (UTC)
D'aww, I'm NuTrek Chekov! I love him. He's so adorable!

Declan is really, really pleased that you love it. I mean, even with his commissions and swamped drawing schedule, he found time somehow to ask me a bunch of questions to pass on to you, and he suggested that the unicorn hold the cane in her mouth, and he was just generally so awesome about it - he really really didn't want to disappoint and let you down if it was difficult. And he was just happy to help out a friend of mine.
So, yeah, he is awesome, and yay you love it yay!

The Space Between

"You're a palsycorn, a unicorn is too general."