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The Space Between

"You're a palsycorn, a unicorn is too general."

March 27th, 2014

"Differently abled" makes me gag. @ 11:06 pm

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(originally posted on Tumblr)

Differently abled is, to me, one of the most absurd terms ever coined, coming in second only to "handicapable".

*pauses for gagging*

"Differently abed" may enforce the fact that disability is a social construct (which, by the way, interacts in complex ways with actual impairment which is less socially constructed but still socially constructed in some ways), but it ignores the fact that we are denied access to goods, opportunities, and services because of our impairment status.

People think the term “disabled” is negative.  That is false.  Disabled isn’t positive or negative.  It just is.  When you get an error message saying that your network is disabled, it doesn’t have a connotation attached to it.  It just means that the network is prevented from functioning by some source.  I am prevented from going into a storeif it is inaccessible (if I have my chair). Disabled children are prevented from accessing equal education.  We are not able, yes, not able to do those things because of an oppressive society which prizes physical, cognitive and emotional prowess over all things.

All people are “differently abled”.  No two people have the same set of abilities.  To single out a group of people and say that somehow they are even more different is to me, extremely Othering.  The term bases itself on the mentality that disabled people are “just like everyone else!”.  It fails to address the very real ableism that is the main thing preventing disabled people from functioning “like everyone else”.  Why is it so wonderful to be like someone else?  If we were all the same, the world would be boring.

Let’s think past differently abled.  Let’s think past “We’re all the same inside.”.  Let’s think past “We all bleed red.”  Let’s cherish diversity and celebrate all the people who make up this society.

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The Space Between

"You're a palsycorn, a unicorn is too general."